Enhances the growth, yield, and quality of a wide variety of crops
by improving water and nutrient efficiency

REMINERAL | Water Boosting & Nurturing Soil Additive

Enrich lean soil with CE-branded REMINERAL

Biodegradable Water Boosting & Nurturing Soil Additive

REMINERAL | Water Boosting & Nurturing Soil Additive
REMINERAL | Water Boosting & Nurturing Soil Additive
REMINERAL | Water Boosting & Nurturing Soil Additive

Improves Root Penetration, Water Retention and Soil Aeration

Benefits plants by enhancing soil fertility and nutrient availability, resulting in improved plant growth and higher nutrient accumulations

• TRIALS 2023 •

REMINERAL is particularly beneficial for soils that need both improved water retention and enhanced mineral content!

Poorly Structured Soils

Soils with poor structure, whether they’re too sandy and loose or too heavy and clayey, can benefit from REMINERAL. It provides essential minerals and helps improve soil texture and structure, facilitating better root growth. It  enhances water retention in sandy soils and improves aeration and drainage in clay soils.

Nutrient-deficient Soils

Soils that are lacking in essential minerals can benefit from the addition of REMINERAL, which supplies a range of micronutrients and trace elements needed for healthy plant growth. REMINERAL ensures that these nutrients are released slowly and retained within the root zone, where plants can access them as needed.

Reclaimed or Degraded Soils

Soils that have been degraded due to erosion, overuse, or previous industrial activity often lack both structure and nutrients. REMINERAL helps to restore these soils, making them more suitable for plant growth by improving water and nutrient retention.

Urban and Landscaped Areas

In urban environments or landscaped areas where soil quality has been compromised due to construction or removal of topsoil, REMINERAL helps to reintroduce essential minerals and improve water management. It’s particularly useful in container gardening, rooftop gardens, and urban agriculture projects where soil depth and quality are often limited.

Gardens & Agricultural Fields with High Crop Demands

In areas where high-yield or high-value crops are grown, the demand on the soil for both water and nutrients is significant. REMINERAL supports intensive farming practices, ensuring that crops receive consistent nutrition and hydration.

Areas Prone to Drought or Water Scarcity

In regions where water is scarce, the efficient use of available moisture is critical. REMINERAL helps retain water, reducing the need for frequent irrigation and it ensures that soil retains its fertility and structure even under dry conditions.

REMINERAL is beneficial for a variety of crops, some examples…


Tomatoes, peppers, leafy greens, and root vegetables like carrots and potatoes. These crops benefit from the enhanced nutrient availability and improved soil moisture retention.

Root Crops

Root vegetables like beets, carrots, radishes, and sweet potatoes can greatly benefit due to the improved soil structure, which allows for better root expansion and nutrient uptake. Specifically, potatoes and sugar beets would benefit from both the mineral enrichment and improved water retention, which supports their growth cycles and yield.

Grain Crops

Wheat, corn, rice, and barley benefit from the improved nutrient availability and moisture retention, particularly in areas with poor soil quality or in conditions where water conservation is important.

Orchard Crops

Fruit trees and berry plants (such as apples, peaches, strawberries, and blueberries) can benefit from the mineral boost for better growth and fruit production.


Crops like beans and peas benefit from better soil structure and nutrient availability, which can enhance growth and nitrogen fixation.

Leafy Greens

Spinach, lettuce, and kale benefit from the consistent moisture and nutrient levels, which are crucial for their rapid growth and development.

REMINERAL | Water Boosting & Nurturing Soil Additive
REMINERAL | Water Boosting & Nurturing Soil Additive
REMINERAL | Water Boosting & Nurturing Soil Additive

REMINERAL ensures slow release of nutrients into the soil, providing a sustained supply of essential elements for plant growth. This helps to optimize nutrient uptake and minimize nutrient leaching, leading to more efficient fertilizer use and reduced environmental impact.

REMINERAL is CE branded – ensuring that it meets the stringent European quality and safety criteria